Case Study: The City of Independence Expands Public Wi-Fi


The city of Independence is a small community in Western Oregon. Located in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, Independence has been revitalized in the last decade. At the heart of the city is Riverview Park. The park features an amphitheater, a large playground, and a campground. During the summers, the park hosts various events, including farmer’s markets, concerts, and movies on the lawn. Across town is the Inspiration Garden. The city turned a neglected 7-acre strip of land into a community garden and park. Residents can now enjoy walks amongst the numerous plants, trees, and flowers that are maintained by volunteers.


Like many small towns throughout the United States, Independence faced innumerable challenges throughout 2020. Following the closure of schools and other public venues due to COVID-19, the city sought a way to deliver wireless internet to the community. The goal was to provide high-quality wireless access, public Wi-Fi, in three outdoor areas throughout town. With a limited budget, the City of Independence turned to GMI (formerly HarborTech Mobility) to design and implement a robust, but affordable solution.


Utilizing Cambium’s cnPilot series access points, GMI was able to deliver exceptional wireless coverage while sticking to the city’s limited budget. A total of 8 access points were deployed across three locations: Riverview Park, Inspiration Garden, and the Public Library. Visitors can now enjoy high-quality wireless internet anywhere within the city’s parks.


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