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Public safety is notoriously underfunded, overworked, and lacking in IT resources. Thankfully, technology solutions exist to help. Supplement missing resources and enhance outcomes by connecting those on the front lines with real-time data for informed, evidencebased decisions. Keep first responders connected. Decrease response time. Provide real-time analytics. GMI excels at providing police, fire, and ambulatory services with best-of-breed technologies that create efficiencies and keep communities safe. 

74% of Americans agree using technology increases the productivity and efficiency of emergency services.

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Law Enforcement Technology Solutions

Gunshot & Early Weapon Detection 

Know when shots are fired and detect weapons before they are used. GMI equips your department with a platinum Homeland Security award-winning technology with a 99% accuracy rate. This gunshot detection technology is designed to identify gunshots and report approximate locations to reduce casualties. Police are notified within 4-8 seconds and provide ballistic information. As a growing staple of law enforcement and School Districts, contact us to learn more about adding gunshot detection to your department.

Developed by the Department of Energy in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, this patented technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze firearm discharge event energy levels and waveforms before wirelessly transmitting this data for further analysis and adaptive response launch. You can monitor the video for indicators of a weapon in hand and send alerts and notifications as needed. Notifications include a still of the video in question for human review. The system can be configured to either alarm and respond automatically or allow for review of the video and manual alarm initiation or cancellation. 

Automated License Plate Recognition 

ALPR is designed to provide vehicle intelligence to enhance community safety. This technology offers high-resolution coverage for a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view. It increases spatial awareness for improved officer safety. Other features include various mounting options, high-resolution coverage, AI-supported database used to identify and compare plates. The ALPR system includes back office system software to store collected data while supporting data analysis, queries, and reporting.

Learn how ALPR technology works and experience a FREE virtual demo below.

Body-Worn & In-Car Cameras  

Transparency is becoming more and more critical. Fully Rugged Body-Worn and In-Car video will protect your team while in the field. With an Integrated Video Management System, you can manage all your video evidence in one central location. Our cameras support CJIS Security requirements, are cloud-capable, windows based, and offer 24/7 support. Let GMI equip you with industry-leading digital video surveillance that utilizes smart technology to collect high-quality audio and video recordings.

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Public Safety Technology Solutions


Keep your police, fire, ambulatory services, and all first responding teams connected. Anytime. Anywhere. Take full advantage of the FirstNet network, created by and for first responders. This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public safety communications platform will bring 21st-century tools to public safety agencies and first responders, allowing them to get more information quickly and helping them to make real-time and better decisions. The coverage surpasses 2.8 million square miles across the nation and increases public safety organization access to 5G. This technology strengthens the public safety network infrastructure and reinforces mission-critical reliability. Get connected. Save lives.

Ruggedized Laptop & Tablets 

Rain, shine, or harsh environments; you need technology that can keep up with the conditions. Our ruggedized laptops and tablets are fit for extreme conditions so that you can collect mission-critical data anywhere. Whether you are utilizing fully rugged or semi-rugged; tablet or laptop, devices are IP rated to specifications that will withstand the elements.

Access Control  Surveillance 

You can’t serve the public if you’re unsafe. Protect your employees with our real-time visibility video surveillance and access control technology. We offer cloud-based solutions and integrated video management. Your staff can use their smartphone for remote access via Bluetooth technology, replacing the need for physical keycards, and the lockdown feature can ensure the safety of the building’s occupants in seconds. In addition, this technology offers wireless locks, active directory management, and proactive alerts directly to your phone.

Computer Aided Dispatch & Records Management Systems

CAD: This CAD is the best-designed, most intuitive public safety dispatch application available. Built to mirror how a telecommunicator thinks, the platform seamlessly augments any user’s action to process an event. This technology includes high-speed workflows, a geospatial system, and an open API. 

RMS: Less time writing reports. More time in the field. GMI teaches you to leverage a leading public safety records management system. It has built-in NIBRS compliance and utilizes a single application workflow, preventing constant window switching. This RMS cuts down on report writing, leaving time to do what you do best. 

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