Over the past few decades, education at every level has moved increasingly into the digital realm.  Communications between teachers, students, faculty, administration, and parents relies on efficient and effective technology, and many class assignments, textbooks, and homework takes place through a network.  Reliable and secure IT management has become critical to the educational experience.

Our suite of best-in-class IT solutions focuses on secure application delivery, wireless, virtualization services, and secure network infrastructure, helping schools reduce costs while delivering robust networks that enhance productivity. Our dedicated team of experts have decades of extensive experience providing E-Rate procurement and services to our K-12 and higher education clients, and are ready solve any problem you throw their way.

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Increase Productivity

In education, increased productivity leads to better outcomes. We provide a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for collaboration, storage, connectivity and mobility. These solutions are designed to minimize downtime, speed up transitions, and facilitate efficient communication.

Improve Communications

Whether you use cloud storage or a proprietary software, we can optimize your network speed, storage, security and monitoring to maintain a healthy and safe IT environment. Our expertise in the latest wireless innovations can help your students and staff access your network anywhere with ease.

Cost-Effective Expertise

Outsourcing your IT management is the cost-effective solution for controlling your tech spending. We offer flexible service arrangements customized to your needs, whether it is for a fully-managed network, a one-time project, or a bi-annual network health check and remediation.


School districts and institutions of higher education are particularly vulnerable to cyber criminals. Between a store of highly sensitive information and an open network for students and staff, K-12 and Universities are often targeted by ransomware and other cyber threats.

Protecting this valuable information requires an advanced level of security. However, most educational facilities are faced with limited funding, which can lead to resource and staffing shortages. Despite higher education being on the leading edge of research and innovation, funding challenges can still lead to a regressed scenario when it comes to IT technology. In addition, major regulatory compliance obligations in education require extensive resources, often resulting in oversight on security infrastructure and reporting.

Educational Institutions face many risks from a cyber attack, including:

  • Hackers gaining access to student information
  • Ransomware holding pertinent information or network access hostage, forcing a shutdown of operations (school closures)
  • Hackers going after proprietary research data and intellectual property
  • Large, complex networks with many users are difficult for most IT departments to protect


GMI is deeply experienced with the nuances related to cybersecurity for educational institutions, going beyond expectations set by regulation requirements to meet the unique security needs of each organization. Proper security posture is no longer just a recommendation, but an operational requirement due to the frequency and sophistication of attacks, and the high costs associated with breached data.

We partner with K-12 and Higher Education Institutions, working with each to address security-related needs and improve overall security posture. We mix industry experience with overall cybersecurity acumen to provide solutions that fit. Services commonly include:

Experience You Can Trust

Over the past 25 years, we’ve proudly helped more than 100 school districts make the most of their technology investments.

School funding expert. We help schools secure critical funding needed to drive their technology projects.

Trusted IT advisor. We are the go-to for school districts when they have a technology need, from helping develop their technology plans to implementing and managing technology solutions.

Districts of all sizes. Our experience spans small and rural to large and expansive school districts. We customize our approach based on your size and needs.

Complimentary consultation. We offer schools a free consultation session. We learn about your district’s specific needs and provide a recommendation tailored to achieve your goals. Please contact us to learn more or get started.