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All the benefits of a full compliance department.
No more unnecessary risk.

We’ve done the math. $10K per employee annually: that is the cost of compliance for the average large firm. That’s on top of the six-figure salary of a compliance officer. 

Even more for compliance expenses for specialized or financial institutions. But we don’t have to tell you that. You may already be feeling the pain. 

We can help. GMI is uniquely poised to marry technology and security expertise to help you achieve your business goals with no unnecessary risks. 

With nearly 150 security, collaboration, cloud, mobility, and network specialists, we help you offload some of the heavy lifting – compliance included.

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Compliance Drains Resources

Across multiple disconnected tools and spreadsheets, we know countless time and energy can be spent on compliance activities. Think of the opportunity cost from this misalignment.

Compliance Requires Upkeep

Sustaining and operationalizing compliance is not a one and done. An unhealthy compliance posture leads to greater inefficiencies, errors, and peaks and valleys. Consistency is key.

Questionnaires Slow Sales

Client and prospect infosec scrutiny can prohibit closing business while diverting internal resources.

Experts Required

It’s difficult and expensive to find internal experts across compliance frameworks and security standards.

Audits Waste Precious Time

Audit preparation and negotiation requires endless back and forth communication and manual evidence collection.

Compliance Seems Unscalable

As your company grows in size, so do its compliance needs requiring even more resources to manage GRC.


Managed Compliance Department (MCD)

Navigating the Future of Security and Risk Management with GMI’s Managed Compliance Department

In the digital age, the looming threat of data breaches and cyberattacks underscores the critical need for stringent security and compliance measures. Dive into our eBook, where GMI introduces the future of compliance, merging security and risk management into a seamless foundation. Discover the power of GMI’s MCD – a groundbreaking solution automating security, compliance, and risk processes.


  • The Compliance Challenge: Understand the complexities organizations face in manual tracking and the vital role of security and compliance in building trust.
  • GMI’s MCD Solution: Explore MCD’s transformative approach, offering continuous visibility into compliance and revolutionizing frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST.
  • Features That Transform Compliance: Uncover tools like risk management on autopilot, automated evidence collection, customizable frameworks, and streamlined audit processes.
  • Benefits of GMI’s MCD: Experience the tangible advantages: from automating manual tasks, simplifying processes, ensuring continuous monitoring, to equipping for efficient audits and risk management.

Embrace the future with GMI’s MCD, where compliance evolves from a laborious task to an efficient, automated system, ensuring security confidence, cost savings, and operational excellence. Secure your copy now to transform your organization’s compliance journey.

Blog Series

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Achieving CMMC Compliance with GMI's Comprehensive Approach


Whether you are looking to become enterprise-ready with SOC 2 in place, or reduce revenue friction and boost sales, we are here as your trusted experts.

What you can do with our compliance team behind you.

Get Enterprise Ready

Unlock enterprise GMT by ensuring proper policies and a healthy security posture.

Reduce Revenue Friction

Accelerate security questionnaire responses and compliance scrutiny and accelerate your deal cycle.

Expand Internationally

ISO 27001 is the only compliance standard recognized globally. GDPR is a requirement for conducting business in the EU. We can help you grow beyond borders.

Sell to the Government

Grow your Government GTM and unlock more opportunities.  With CMMC & FedRAMP frameworks, government entities can be in your sales pipeline.

Centralize and Automate

Consolidate your GRC practice for streamlined monitoring and reporting and for driving better business outcomes.


Utilize our unique Multiline program to ensure compliance in your employee’s phone calls all while saving money. Instead of purchasing stand-alone company phones, the unique Multiline solution allows you to utilize a personal phone and add a compliant phone line on the same device, even with a different wireless carrier.

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