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GMI experts use industry-leading techniques to conduct email and voice phishing, or other social engineering attacks intended to help your team identify and resist cyber attacks. Common human error can be a major source of harm to your organization’s overall security, so proper training is now more important than ever.


Does your organization accept credit cards? Or maybe you work with ePHI or are based in Texas or Massachusetts. There are more than 8,500 government regulations your organization might need to comply with. Security awareness training provides job-specific training and teaches your staff how to protect themselves online as well as comply with local, state, and federal regulations. More importantly, it provides your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to combat cyber attacks. 


Reusing passwords and mishandling of sensitive data are common occurrences. Security awareness training provides practical knowledge and guidance to help your staff navigate the common cybersecurity threats they are likely to encounter. This training can help your employees become proactive in being able to detect scams and deal with attacks appropriately. Equipping your staff to identify a scam from the start is an important first step in shoring up your human defenses.  

Why should I hire GMI?

As the original SecureMSP™, GMI understands the risks of being unprotected, and we know what steps you can take to mitigate that risk. Our experts have experience in threat prevention and cybersecurity. While best practices are constantly evolving with the industry, GMI stays current on everything cybersecurity and leverages our knowledge of current cybercrime tactics to test and teach employees how not to fall victim. By working with GMI, your organization can gain the skills to stay safe on the web. As an added bonus, we partner with KnowBe4, a leading provider of security awareness training and simulated phishing tools. 

GMI’s security awareness training includes campaigns composed of interactive phishing campaigns, short videos, user-level progress reporting, and reminders for unviewed content. Additionally, our training course has quarterly reviews of progress and potential remediation actions.  

Next Steps

Make the commitment to improve staff resilience to cyber attacks and improve your organization’s security culture. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with your organization to implement security awareness training. 

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