4 Signs Your Network & IT Systems Need an Upgrade to Support Remote Work

Since 2020, sentiments on remote work have completely shifted. According to Ladders’ data scientists’ projections, 25% of professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023. To support remote work, businesses must invest in upgrading IT infrastructure to sustain employee productivity and prevent potential output deficits.

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While a proactive, periodic review of your network is a good idea, it may already be giving you signals of underperformance or lagging behind current capabilities. In fact, changes in network demands due to hybrid and remote work make that scenario all the more likely. Read on to learn signs that your IT systems are no longer up to par and in need of an upgrade.

#1 VPN Usage Spikes & Lagging

As more users work from home, VPN traffic has spiked significantly. If remote employees complain of cumbersome lag times when using your company’s VPN, it’s time to consider an upgrade or reconfiguration. Understanding your firewall or antivirus software’s effect on your VPN can also provide clues to a needed upgrade. Keeping your business’s data secure is a critical defense against malicious cyber attacks; however, your VPN should not significantly hinder worker productivity.


Downtimes can have severe repercussions for your business. It can lead to customer loss, reduced employee productivity, high maintenance costs, and even damage to your company’s reputation. If your systems are constantly crashing and taking a long time to load, it may be time to upgrade your network hardware or software to handle your needs more efficiently.


Routine maintenance is crucial for maintaining efficiency in a company’s IT operations. Needing maintenance too frequently, however, could mean that your wireless network infrastructure is due for an upgrade. Moreover, outdated network designs require more servicing to function efficiently. Over time, repair and maintenance expenses can pile up and create a huge dent in your company’s operating budget.


Network latency is common during peak operational hours. Persistent delays, however, can signify a need for an upgrade. Your company’s bottom line can suffer due to a decline in employee productivity and increasingly frustrated customers. With an optimized system, you get faster response times and a network that can support spikes in traffic.


Upgrading your IT infrastructure may seem like a substantial up-front capital investment. Still, the long-term return on investment will save your business time and resources. If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, your business will significantly benefit from an upgrade guided by a professional network assessment. At GMI, our experts are just who you want on the team to help adapt your network to securely serve your remote, hybrid, or on-prem needs. Expect increased operational efficiency, minimized downtime and delays, and an improved bottom line.

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