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You’ve got questions. Our specialists provide answers. This service is as simple as that. For organizations lean on internal resources, our team becomes your go-to for the pointed security guidance you require.

This consultation is all about targeted, actionable guidance. Our team applies its security expertise to solving a particular pain point in short order. With your burning concern in mind, this rapid, one-week engagement devotes security expertise to address your pain point. With minimal documentation, this intentionally streamlined engagement requires less time, resources and expense than a broader assessment. It’s efficient and effective.

For example, let’s say you were particularly concerned about ransomware. How strong are your preventative measures? How prepared are you to recover from an attack? A ransomware-focused Targeted Security Consultation would focus only on the relevant controls. This streamlined process would culminate in a presentation that confirms posture against a ransomware attack and prioritizes actions to improve those defenses.


Have you been breached and want to know how to prevent more of the same? Do you lack informed answers to security questions being asked by customers or leadership? Are you not sure what responsible security management looks like for your organization? If your organization is short on security resources, but you need focused insight and guidance, a Targeted Security Consultation is likely the ideal answer.

This cost-effective way to assess a particular pain point is aimed where it’s needed. While able to address any concern, common focus areas include:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Security strategy
  • Insider abuse of privileges
  • Phishing resilience
  • Security awareness
  • Responsible security management

Key Benefit of a Targeted Security Consultation

Get focused and essential guidance related to your organization’s security. GMI’s experts efficiently address your specific concern with realistic recommendations that fit your organization’s capabilities and budget. The end result is the information and actionable next steps you seek, at a price that you can afford.

Next Steps

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