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Penetration Testing – validate the security of your organization

What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test is an attack on a computer system, network or web application with the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities so preventative measures can be taken. For the test, a professional ethical hacker plays the role of a cyber attacker, employing the same tools and methods that might be used in an actual attack. By finding vulnerabilities this way first, the company is able to fix any issues that may introduce a potential attack vector.

Why is Pen Testing Important?

Periodic pen testing is a common requirement for compliance obligations, and for good reason. By replicating cybercriminal methods, organizations can find and fix flaws likely to be exploited. That said, be careful. The value in a pentest is diminished when not well executed. Low-cost options aimed at “checking the boxes” for compliance purposes are easy to find, but often leave a company both vulnerable and blind to critical weaknesses.


First, a goal is established. What are we trying to break into? And is the attack source from inside or outside of the network? Then, it’s homework time. What can we learn from public sources that we can leverage in the attack? And what can we ascertain about the network? Next, is the attempted penetration. Based upon the rules of engagement established by you, we can attempt to take control of assets and dig deeper into the network, or engage in capture the flag exercises where we attempt to accomplish pre-defined goals. Whatever the objective, we document notable vulnerabilities and evidence of exploits to help you understand the exposures and weaknesses discovered in this ethical hacking engagement. A summary report provides detailed guidance to enable effective remediation action.

The GMI Approach

As an organization with dedicated focus on cybersecurity services, our priorities never differ from the companies we serve. Our experienced penetration testing team works with you to align on sensitivities to operation disruption, applying desired force against your target to produce results that matter in a timely fashion. We confirm what’s working and identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. We care about the security of your valuable assets, period. And we know that when we apply our experience and ethical hacking expertise to that end, compliance follows.

Our penetration testers also have ready access to a wealth of broader security expertise. Our CISO advisors, security architecture consultants, and managed security experts help keep our team at the top of their game. It’s an unfair advantage that helps ensure meaningful results and guidance.

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