Why is privacy a critical part of your incident response plan?

Why is privacy a critical part of your incident response plan?

Time to dust off those incident response playbooks you did last year to check a box…

My guess is that they’re missing a few things.
I’ll let you ponder the obvious things it’s missing…
But this one thing is at the top of my list…


Compliance with Regulations

Many jurisdictions have strict privacy laws and regulations. An incident that exposes personal data might lead to non-compliance, resulting in BIG fines and legal consequences.

In some countries you may go to jail, or your head can get chopped off (not joking!).

Remember to include privacy considerations that outline SPECIFICALLY how to handle personal data during an incident to remain compliant.

Protection of Personal Information

During an incident, there is most likely a risk that personal or sensitive information is exposed. A clear privacy-focused response strategy will help you minimize this risk and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to secure personal information.

Notification Procedures

Privacy laws require notifying affected individuals and regulators in the event of a breach of personal information. Including this in the playbook ensures that the team knows WHO to notify, WHEN, and HOW, following the specific requirements of applicable laws.

Remember to include privacy in your playbooks.
It’s not just good practice – it’s essential for compliance, trust, and effective management of incidents.

…and not getting your head chopped off…

It ensures that you are prepared to handle incidents in a way that respects the privacy of individuals, complies with legal obligations, and maintains the integrity and reputation of your org.

Do your incident response playbooks include privacy?
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