Our proven suite of best-in-class software, hardware and cloud-based security solutions
and professional services help improve any organization’s security posture.

Every day, companies experience system hacks and data breaches. With organizations moving towards a remote setup, it’s never been more critical for their users to be armed with a robust, reliable security solution they can trust.

GMI delivers start-to-finish security services that cover hardware, software, installation, configuration, and ongoing patch and update management. Our experienced team of security experts ensures your network is fully protected against the latest malware and other digital threats.

While some security services can excel in one platform and perform poorly in others, we work hard to guarantee your protection, whether you are at home, in the office, or on your mobile device.

Is your organization’s security strategy up to the task of keeping up with today’s remote working environment?

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Join Dan Meyer, CTO of GMI, as he discusses the challenges of securing a remote workforce and takes a deep dive into the software used to provide network visibility and insight to IT personnel.

A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Information and User Protection

Information and user protection provide solutions for mobile device and PC management, enabling employee access from virtually anywhere, anytime on almost any device while keeping corporate information secure and compliant.

Security Governance

Security governance protects users’ identities and data. By using behavioral analysis, GMI can provide actionable insights and ensure a more secure approach in managing users and groups and securing access to both on-premises and cloud applications.

Security Operations

Security operations manage enterprise-wide assets with a centralized security infrastructure and establish a security operations center to monitor and manage users.

Threat Defense

Threat defense proactively guards against potential hackers, identifying breaches and threats using advanced analytics and automating the response to threats organization-wide.

Whether you are looking to support a fully remote work environment or optimize your office security,
GMI can help you choose the right option for your company and employees.