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When is your video conferencing solution not cutting it? You’re not sure the dang thing is going to work. It requires an IT staff that you don’t have. Your meeting capabilities fall short. Employees bail for Zoom or Google Meets.

Head’s up. We have a habit of making those frustrations go away.

Whatever your needs are — seamless meetings for a hybrid workforce, full integration of multiple platforms, cameras that enable animated presenters, easy setup of sophisticated webinars, voice-activated meeting starts — we’ve been there, done that. Looking to chart new territory? With more than 20 years in these trenches, we’re totally up for the challenge.

Expert technology recommendations, integration, and ongoing support. Let’s make video conferencing a strength for your organization.

Challenges solved

Unleashed the Potential

A transportation company had invested in a quality video conferencing solution. But needs grew. Employees started paying for various third-party solutions, effectively bailing on the system in place. GMI was able to identify and turn on additional features within the solution they already had. The company improved their video conferencing capabilities to meet demand and re-aligned on one solution.

Bridged Skill Gaps

Members of a technology company didn’t know how to use their company’s video conferencing software. Instead of seeking help, they began hosting meetings using home accounts, including Google Meets and Zoom. We stepped in to help the company manage their service. We trained employees on the company’s software and provided needed support. Once trained, employees preferred the company solution and used it exclusively. This not only unified communication, but also improved security for the company’s meetings.

Empowered Users

Starting a conference call shouldn’t be brain surgery. Yet, a medical company’s weekly collaboration call felt that way. With a host of doctors calling in from many locations using various technologies, troubleshooting was reliably the first item of business. GMI proposed and installed the best solution for their enterprise needs. Then, we scrubbed in to set the call up and ensure everything went smoothly. A little training on the system set the doctors up to take it from there. Now when they confer, the time is exclusively spent on medical, not technical, concerns.


You can’t put a dynamic speaker in a box. As the Board of Directors of a public transportation company would tell you, they’ll likely end up walking out of frame mid-presentation. Enter GMI. We equipped their conference rooms with cameras that tracked the presenter. The result was not limiting presenters, and not having an audience listening intently while staring at an empty video frame.


A massive retail organization had offices literally all over the world. Seriously. Some of them in places where phone service doesn’t exist. Yet the business called for directors to interface monthly as a group to discuss trends and opportunities. To facilitate lively discussion, they felt seeing faces was critical and having people engaging through their computers would be distracting. So, they traveled and met in person. Coordinating such an effort was challenging to say the least. They figured a week each month was dedicated to planning and holding this meeting. GMI offered another solution. Leveraging the internet, we installed video conferencing capabilities in each of their global offices. Now, instead of devoting energy to travel, directors simply had to walk into the meeting room at the scheduled time and speak, “Okay, Webex. Join my meeting.” to connect with global peers.


Let’s set a time to talk about your challenges and how your organization can better connect today.

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